Kosovo’s youngsters on Ecotourism exchanges

Being a student but at the same time being a volunteer in different organizations that are connected directly with your studies, is the best investment in us, our investment in our future, this is how I feel.

I am volunteer at 7Arte now for 2 years; I was taking part in different activities till now, through 7arte I got the chance to apply and to be selected for the training course ‘’Uniting youth for Ecotourism’’, that was held in this month , November, 6- 13/ 2017 in Brno, Czech Republic; We were  a group of 34 participants from different countries, during these days we had a chance to present our organizations and what exactly we do, I Arnita Veliu and my colleague Lirika Raca also a volunteer at 7Arte  got this opportunity, since both of us study Environment and Agriculture Management it helped us a lot and inspired us on creation of good ideas for future projects in Environment. During these days we had the chance to visit caves, farms, the local community, a socks manufacturing family business. At the nature house, we got the chance to hear a lot of stories, we spend a lot of time out side in nature we did a lot of activities outside, also during this training we learned more about promoting ecotourism in our countries, we also had chance to interpret ecotourism through role playing.

My passion for nature was not just watching it and feeling amazed and refreshed by its beauty, I always wanted something more from it, I wanted to explore and find its other benefits besides of a lovely view, as so I was lucky enough to be born in a family that shared the same passion as I did and thus I had the chance to get to know some of natures benefits from near and also make use of it. However, besides of gaining knowledge and skills on using nature’s benefits, when I started studying environment and agriculture management, I was introduced to many resources on how to protect nature as well, In general I was introduced to an academic part of managing the environmental and agricultural resources, This training helped me to gain knowledge in how to make my passion work, Thus, I believe, when passion becomes profession it doesn’t feel like work.


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