7arte” aim to support Kosovan artists, to promote and develop a common European culture.


  • Organizing cultural events and producing workshops on creative industry;
  • Becoming part of cultural exchange programs and international networks to share values and experiences;
  • Strategic research and promotion in national and international level;

7arte” has a team of: Executive Director, Project Manager, Finance Officer, Logistic Manager, and Coordinator of volunteers. “7arte” involves annually more than 50 volunteers on youth and cultural activities. The number of employees depends on projects that get funded during the year.
“7arte” most of the times was funded by local institutions such as Directory for Youth and Sport from Mitrovica Municipality. For 3 years DKRS offered us a 120 meters square space for our organisation and cultural activities, for free.

On the other hand we have been granted by international donors and organisations such as EU program “Culture for all”, Norwegian Embassy, The Netherlands Embassy, France Embassy, UNDP, and private sector, too.

7arte” is involved in NISI MASA network, in 2006. Since that time, 7arte NGO had organized several cultural programs on local and national level. Considering that we are located in a city which has a rich cultural diversity and on the other hand need more international support, we believe that a job shadowing in Mitrovica, would be very interesting in order to gain new skills and experiences. The main activities that 7arte is organizing are: GREEN Music Festival 4th edition, Open Air Cinema 6th edition, DOKO YOMI film workshop, Shala la-la-la and “Gjuj art”

Most of activities are related to culture and youth, most of the time 7arte works with community and institutions. During the January till March, 7arte will work on designing of the “Green Music Festival 5th edition, and on fundraising. In meantime, 7arte runs a “Creative Corner” where we are aiming to implement small cultural activities such as: screening movies, organizing debates, music performances, poetry nights, etc

7arte has nine years of experience in organizing all kind of activities related with audiovisual and cinema such as capacity building workshops, festivals, training activities for capacity development of youth, peace building and environment awareness.

Here are some recent projects: (2012-2014)

“International seminar about New Media and communication” 2-7 Maj 2011 supported by European Council, implemented in partnership with NISI MASA network.

Training on capacity building for local institutions, supported by ABD/UNDP dhe OHCHR (Jan- June 2011)

“Creative Corner” a café library supported by Mitrovica Municipality, Innovation LAB- UNICEF and French Embassy, Blackbirds book, and Liburnia

DOKO YOMI (Documenting Kosovo’s Youth in Mitrovica was filmmaking workshop supported by: ECF, Norwegian Embassy, Culture for all, Mitrovica Municipality, Dazzo, and NISI MASA
Through the production of films, our team and participants fostered linkages among, local authorities, other community actors and international youth, in order to be active members of society.

“Shala la-la-la” was a workshop for young people living on rural areas. The project had several workshops for kids such as: photography, crafts, and social media. It was supported by French Embassy in Pristina and Mitrovica Municipality.

Open Air Cinema 6th edition. “OAC” is a traditional event organized by 7arte. Inventing and promoting new public spaces was one of the objectives of this festival, on the other hand it was promoting young Kosovan filmmakers and European Cinema.

Green Music Festival was organized since 2001. The main goal of the “Green Music Festival” is to raise the public awareness on environmental protection and conservation, calm down the tense situation in Mitrovica, and improve the interethnic-cultural life in the northern part of Kosovo. It is supported by EU program” Culture for all” Luxembourg Embassy, The Netherlands Embassy, Ministry Youth and Culture, Mitrovica Municipality and local businesses.

“Mitro je t’aime” is a new project which is implemented by 7arte and Museum of Mitrovica. Its aim is to promote cultural diversity of the city from different point of views coming from citizens. The project is supported by Balkan Museum Network , USA Embassy in Pristina and DKRS.

Our Philosophy

We believe that communications and actions make change. We enjoy cultural and community development. Working and cooperating with us always requires passion and synergy. Our sincere and hard work makes people to admire and support us on different ways and that’s why we are transparent and opened to all enthusiasts of arts and culture to join us, on our challenge-able path that makes proud all together.